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End to end solutions for sustained behavioural change and business performance improvement.

Your customer loyalty journey begins with the right partner.
Empowering people and performance.
Partnering with you to improve business performance.
The path to success is paved with employee engagement.
  • Design

    We design incentive, reward and loyalty solutions that deliver profitable, measurable, and sustainable behaviour change and business performance improvement.
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    Our suite of analytical tools and models uncovers the unique customer DNA that delivers superior programme results.
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  • Technology

    Our cloud-based, global platform, developed in-house, delivers high value, speed to market and unmatched flexibility for B2B, B2C, and B2E.
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    We deliver incentive and reward solutions customised to your audience and aligned with your business goals and programme objectives.
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Case Study

Plumbing the Depths of B2B Loyalty

How one plumbing supplier achieved a double-digit increase in market share

A plumbing supply company experiencing flat sales wanted to explore a B2B loyalty strategy designed to motivate plumbers in the mid-tier market to shift more share to their operation. Enter Incentive Solutions. After a thorough examination of the company’s business model and financials, we designed and launched a 6-month trial programme constructed around specific outcomes, with targeted goals for each individual plumbing company. Find out how Incentive Solutions helped our client generate a market share increase of approximately 10 percent.

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The Consumer Inside

The ten essential components of B2B loyalty programmes

Customer loyalty is arguably more important in business-to-business (B2B) industries than it is in consumer industries. That’s because, in B2B firms, the 80-20 rule is sometimes the 90-10 rule: the top 10 percent of your customers can account for 90 percent of your profit. By identifying the key purchasers and influencers in your client organisations and then building relationships with them that mimic relationships in the consumer world, you can increase the retention, yield, and lifetime value of your best customers. Here are the ten steps to finding the consumer inside your business client and building strong, loyal relationships that last.

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